Ending growth? There are more important things to do

While we are fighting over the right economic system, we are running out of time. Here is a better thing to do.

19. Oktober 2018  8 Minuten

In September 2018, a group of more than 240 scientists, politicians, and policy makers gathered in Brussels for a landmark conference. They proudly announced that they planned to work together and push for a new economic system, a »post-growth economy«. In a letter that was widely published, they also addressed the European public:

Es ist Zeit, die Abhängigkeit vom Wirtschaftswachstum zu beendenWeiterlesen

False hope!

In doing so, the group unleashed yet another wave of hope – hope that humanity will finally move away from its suicidal economic system before climate change, acidified oceans and mountains of plastic waste overwhelm us all. Unfortunately, however, that hope will not be fulfilled because these more than 240 people will change absolutely nothing. Worse, by offering false comfort that a transformation might soon be underway, they risk delaying the radical changes that are actually necessary.

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von Graeme Maxton 

Graeme Maxton war bis Mai 2018 Generalsekretär des »Club of Rome«, einer Organisation mit Fachleuten aus mehr als 30 Ländern, die sich für eine nachhaltige Zukunft der Menschheit einsetzt. Er ist Co-Autor des Bestsellers »Ein Prozent ist genug« und fordert jetzt in seinem neuen Buch »Change« eine radikale Wende.

Graeme Maxton was the Secretary General of the Club of Rome until May 2018, a global network of renowned independent thinkers dedicated to addressing the challenges facing humanity. Graeme Maxton and Jorgen Randers are the authors of »Reinventing Prosperity«, published by Greystone, October 2016, and »Ein Prozent ist genug«, published by oekom. In his new book »Change« he describes the radical change needed for a sustainable future for all of us.

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